The 160M station runs an FT-1000D to a homebrew 4-1000A.

.: 160 M Antennas

1/4 wave elevated feed vertical

2 Double-Extended Zepps at 170 feet

Full wave loop SE/NW

11 1040 foot beverages

3 element wire beam SE

Quarter wave sloper


.: The 160 M Operating Position

The 160 Meter Position during ARRL DX CW with W0AIH at the helm



.: 160 M Tower Photos

Full sized 1/4 wave elevated feed vertical. Tower is 18" face Pirod with base insulater at 60 feet. There are 24 elevated radials.

Feed point for the beverages. There are 10 beverages all orginating in this building. Each beverage is 1040 feet long. They are supported by 3 foot fence posts, making all the beverages look like just more electric fence that you would find on a farm.

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