10 Meters is one of the strongest bands at the Farm. Our location in the Upper Midwest provides an excellent scatter and Sporadic-E distance to the East Coast and the Gulf Coast on both 10M and 6M. During the low sunspot years and other "dead band" conditions, the Farm has often produced one of the top scores in the 10 Meter Contest. The 10M station usually runs a Icom IC-765 to an Alpha 86 or a homebrew 4-1000A. The large number of antennas available allows complete separate SSB and CW stations to be configured for the 10M Contest.

.: 10 M Antennas

3/3/3/3 HyGain 103BA on 180 ft rotating tower

3 ele Telrex at 45 feet

6 ele Telrex at 53 feet

2 Tribanders

5/5/5/5 Hygain 105BA on 120 ft rotating tower

5 ele Telrex 195 ft (above 40m)

4 ele Cushcraft at 75 feet

.: The 10 M operating position

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