My First Tower!
By Scott Neader, KA9FOX

PHOTO 12: Getting ready for the base section

As you can see, the rebar cage has been suspended inside the form. The concrete blocks were used to hold the base section up from the bottom of the hole. Per Trylon specs, 3.5 feet of the 4 foot long stub legs are to be inside the hole (6 inches to be showing above the concrete). Since the hole is 6 feet deep, we needed to keep the legs 2.5 feet from the bottom of the hole). To keep the blocks steady, we pushed some cable-spool rods next to each stack of blocks. It wasn't necessary. With the weight of the stub legs and the bottom section, it didn't budge, not even with the concrete flowing.

PHOTO 13: Base section ready to go!

Here's the bottom section with the four-foot-long stub legs attached. Holding it up (taking a break) are my friends Gary Koch (not a ham) and Dick Kleppe (KØRAK ex KØKTP).