What's missing from this picture?

Operators, of course!

Most of the contest operations at WØAIH are in the multi-operator, multi-transmitter class.
It takes a large crew to keep on the air 48 hours;  here are some of the operators that make it work:

Paul Bittner, WØAIH, after logging a new one on 80M CW in the 2006 CQ Worldwide DX Contest.
For Paul, CQWW is THE contest!

Paul with two of the long-time operators, Tom Woods WAØRBW and John Desmond KØTG. (2006)

Paul Husby WØUC, typically found at the 40M operating position.

KØTG at the 20M run position in the Air Force Shack (2006)

Tom Woods WAØRBW, operating 10M in CQWW Phone 2006.

Tony Wanschura, KMØO (XU7MWA) at 10M (foreground) with Mike Schultz KSØT at 80M

Scott Jasper, NE9U at 15 Run (foreground) and Paul Husby, WØUC at 40M (2006)

Dave Ranney, KTØR at 15M

Dan Karg, WRØDK, running WØAIH SO2R
Dan has been one of the primary techs keeping our computer network up and running.

John & Jan Desmond K
ØTG & KØQEP at 10M

Mark Seyffer, KB9S at 15Spot (background) is another long-time op (2006)

Kirk Pengelly, NØKK in the chair at 40M (2006)

Justin Glasener, K9MU at 10M.  Justin has also been active from the farm in VHF contests.

Jeff Strandberg, KØUU, at the controls of the 160 position

Mike Gulbranson, WGØM at the 20M station

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