NOTE: Lotsa graphics on this page, but you DID want to see some pictures, right? Then go grab a beer or tune the bands and the pictures should be loaded by the time you come back...

Sultans of Shwing

See you at SHWINGFEST 1997!!
Thursday, May 15th, 8pm-???
12th Floor, Crowne Plaza (formerly Stouffers), Dayton Ohio

E-Mail KA9FOX for more information

From Left to Right: Paul K9PG (ex WX9E), Felipe NP4Z, Mike K9NW (ex NØBSH) and Scott KA9FOX
I am the great Cornholio!!! I need TP for my Bunghole!!! ARE YOU THREATENING ME??? You WILL give me TP!!!! AAAIIIEEEYYYEEEEE!!!!!!

From Left to Right: Chad WE9V, Somebody?? Ummm??, Eric WD9GGY, Ralph K9ZO, Mike K9NW, Ed WØSD, Umm Somebody else, Dave KW9KW (ex WX3N, etc.)
Somehow we got everyone to put their beers down to pose for a picture. This only lasted for a couple seconds before the drinking continued. Thanks to those that cooperated.

Scott KA9FOX (top) and Peter G3RZP (bottom)
It's a sick tradition, started when we ran out of beer at our first SHWINGFEST. Now Peter always brings his own and he always shares.... and Scott always accepts!

Peter isn't one to waste alcohol, as you can see by this picture of Peter trying to catch any booze that KA9FOX drops. (You can see last year's picture here).

Scott KA9FOX
Despite a heavy night of partying with the Sultans of Shwing, Scott is still able to fully participate in the Dayton Contest Forum. Scott not only had some interesting input, but quite a bit of OUTPUT too!

Left to Right: Mike K9NW, Scott KA9FOX, Will AA4NC, Jim K4MA (ex KI4HN), Chad WE9V, Mike W5FX (ex AA8FE)
Chad takes the keyboard for a little cybersex on AOL. Remember, on the Internet, no one knows you're a ham.

Left to Right: Chad WE9V, Charlie N1RR (ex WZ1R)
Weekend at Bernies? Nope, just a tough 'Weekend at Dayton' for Chadley! Hopefully he'll drink in moderation next time... NOT!!!!

Left to Right: Jeff WC4E, Jim K4OJ (ex K1ZX), John W2GD
Hey, the Sultans will let ANYBODY come to Shwingfest... except the shack-on-a-belt types of course.

TOP ROW, L-R: Bob W3GH, Steve N9FD (ex AA9AX), Spike W9XR
BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Chad WE9V, Mike K9NW, Paul, K9PG, Scott KA9FOX

That Chinese restaurant across from the Crown Plaza hotel RULES!!! And to top it off, we got to sit next to Dr. Bafoofnik, the Green Hornet, and some flatlander.

See you at SHWINGFEST MAY 1997!!
Crowne Plaza (formerly Stouffers), Dayton Ohio
Probably 12th floor, but watch for the signs