KA9FOX Shack in progress

Scott's Shack, so far. Notice the false wall that will be hiding the coax runs that will eventually come in thru the basement window, and also hiding the electrical panel. These pictures were taken with a cheapo $90 Kodak DC20 digital camera (no flash). And no comments on the cruddy web page... I threw this together in about 10 minutes. :-)

Check out this plumbing drain trap hanging in the doorway. It's outta here! (see below)

Now the paneling is up!!!

See that drain trap has been replaced with a much smaller one, and it's moved away from the doorway!

Table is made from a 7 foot by 4 foot solid wood door that I got for free. Shelf unit was made by me and W9RPM in an hour or so out of an inexpensive piece of shelving and some scrap 9 inch lumber (shelf is 9 inches above the table).

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