KA9FOX: Pictures from Guatemala

I operated the 1995 ARRL DX SSB Contest as TGØAA from Guatemala at the home of TG9AJR. Equipment was a TS-440, FL-2100 amplifier at 400 watts and Butternut Butterfly 2-element beam at 25 feet. I have written a story about this operation for the January/February 1996 issue of the National Contest Journal - you can read it if you'd like.

I also operated from Guatemala for the ARRL DX SSB contest in 1996 (single-op, all-band, high-power) from the QTH of TG9GI, with the callsign TD9IGI. I hope to have pictures and such here shortly!

Click on the small photos to see a larger version.

1995 ARRL DX SSB 15 meters - TGØAA

That's me, running 'em on 15 (QTH of TG9AJR)

TG9AJR's "antenna farm"

Other pictures

Juan and his wife, Jocelyn - they just got married in December '95!

Gerry TG9GI and me (at Gerry's place)

See other pictures

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