Some Links to Useful Information

Zero Hedge - Excellent libertarian newsfeed
The Duran - International News - War Reports
Gold, Goats & Guns - Tom Luongo - European Decline
Tap Newswire - International News + Conspiracy stuff of varying quality
The Vineyard of the Saker - Slavic perspective - Archived
Saker - Telegram Channel
New Atlas - Military Logistics
Jay Dyer - Deep discussions of History, especially British Institutions
Son of the New American Revolution
Dances With Bears - Diplomacy & Intelligence
Canadian Patriot (Matthew Ehret)
Just The News
Unlimited Hangout (includes Whitney Webb)
Half Past Human / Clif High: Fascinating Predictions
Sarah Westall - Various History & Conspiracy Stuff
Amazing Polly - Investigations connecting powerful entities
The Crowhouse - Max Igan
Benjamin Fulford - Telegram Channel
Southfront - Current war news from global hotspots
Strategic Culture Foundation
Moon Of Alabama - International News - War Reports
We Are Sovereign - CSRQ Hackers Collection (maybe)
CD Media - International & Domestic News
Mark Crispin Miller - Academic Freedom, Censorship & Propaganda
Burning Platform - Good source of news articles
21st Century Wire - International news feed
Global Research - International News and History
Russtrat - Russian News Site (need to Google translate)
Valdai Discussion Club - Global Security (peace)
Brownstone Insitute - good articles, many authors
Information for Resisting the Great Reset
Links to Evidence of Vote Fraud
QAnon Site, for whatever THAT'S worth
Stop World Control - Conspiracy site - Interesting (yes) Accurate (?)
Conspiracy Index - critical of most of them
Michael Tsarion's Bitchute channel
Prosecute Now - Site for Legal Activism
Major Danny A. Sjursen (ret) - Geopolitical issues
Caitlin Johnstone - MSM Narrative Control
Ludwig von Mises - Economic theory that will outlast all the others
Craig Murray - Human Rights
Wikileaks - The only news organization that has NEVER gotten a story wrong.
Chikdren's Health Defense - RFK Jr.
The Medical Rebel - Dr. Lee Merritt
The Dr. Ardis Show
Matt Taibbi - Press Freedom
Aaron Maté - Another Honest journalist
Free Julian Assange - Journalism is under attack
David A. Stockman - Current economic situation
Free Edward Snowden - Deep State surveillance of EVERYBODY
Glenn Greenwald - the Journalist that Snowden trusted
Ray McGovern - National Security
GNews - Information on internal problems within China
Charles - Prince of Wales - creepy
The future of food and the end of rural farming
Has Russia Already Won? (Lot's of background history here)
Oppressed News - WTF?
Nice Free Wallpapers Site
Interesting Art Site
Patriots Win - A MAGA blog site