September 1989 Forecast -- Flux Range 156 - 307

by Roy, AD5Q - Houston, Texas

10 Meters: September is here, and this is great news for those who are somehow restricted to 10 Meters. For the next few months, 10 will occupy center stage. Conditions to Europe, Russia and Asia will improve dramatically this month and will peak during October and November. We have recently seen how late spring and early summer brings peak conditions to 15 Meters. Autumn brings the best out of 10, and signals are loud. Though the whole world is workable on this band, some parts of the world are difficult. These are the paths over the pole into the southern parts of Asia (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, soviet 8-land, Thailand & Malaysia). Concentrate your efforts on these paths during the beginning of the season. Grey-line windows open over the pole at our sunrise, and just before the band closes in the evening. DX stations on this path are eager to work USA stations during these limited opportunities. After the fall equinox, an area of darkness expands over the pole with approaching winter, making these paths increasingly difficult. The rest of the world will be easily workable through the winter.

15 Meters: This band is changing, and nighttime openings to Europe and Russia are fading. 15 will reconfigure itself to a daytime pattern much like 10, but with broader openings and weaker signals. Unlike 10, the polar windows will be no problem. We have been getting reliable long path openings to Europe, Russia and Africa almost every morning for months. This should continue with high solar fluxes, only now we will have good short path as well. The long path will usually open first.

20 Meters: Excellent conditions are routine. Propagation is via nighttime paths, with daily long path openings at dawn to Africa, the Indian Ocean, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. Morning greyline pipeline has been to the Orient for months, with evening grey line to the Mid-East. Both these paths will become polar, so we will hear plenty of Siberian and Moslem Russians.

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