July 1990 Forecast -- Flux Range 140 - 259

by Roy, AD5Q - Houston, Texas

DX conditions during June were very good on the two bands that are in season now. Our solar fluxes have been high enough to provide many spectacular openings on 15 in the evening and well into the night. When the fluxes were lower, these night path openings didn't perform as well. Since it is now midsummer, daytime MUFs are at their lowest. Daypath propagation will remain marginal for another month.

The best DX openings are across nighttime paths. 15 is open most of the day as well, along paths that span both day and night. Europe and the USSR are therefore workable almost any time. 10 is gone for the summer, though the southern hemisphere still enjoys good propagation on this band. When fluxes are especially high, look for 10 meter long path: into Europe in late evening and into the far East in mid morning. Most of the activity on 10 will be from the stateside 10-10 paper chase via evening sporadic E.

20 is reliable over any night path. During the evening we get the sunrise sweep across Europe, with Asia and the Pacific opening around midnight and good until 2 hours after our sunrise. Africa comes in short path in late afternoon and long path (with the Indian Ocean) after sunrise.

On 15, look for an excellent European opening in late evening after 20 peaks to the same area. The exotic Asian stuff comes in with Indonesia in late morning, also after 20 peaks to the same area. When fluxes are high enough, 15 opens to the west for long path shortly after sunrise. 15 meter nighttime paths will deteriorate for the rest of the year starting now.

There is not much activity on 40, but it peaks to Europe at night along with 20 and to westerly areas at sunrise.

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