April 1991 Forecast -- Flux Range 136 - 268

by Roy, AD5Q - Houston, Texas

DX signals on 10 Meters are beginning to fade, as low MUFs will dominate northern hemisphere day paths for the next several months. Short path to Europe and Asia will drop out entirely, but April and May bring the best opportunities for 10 meter long path when fluxes are sufficiently high. Ten meter propagation peaks in the fall, and it is fall in the southern hemisphere! Long path signals on 10 follow a daytime path around Antarctica, extending into the evening hours at the eastern end of the path. Routine Europeans are workable via the southwest around midnight, with the Far East (not just JA) coming through in mid morning from the southeast. These paths don't open every day, and signals are usually weak.

15 is now open most of the night, as well as during the day. The band is usually open for DX in many directions at once. In the morning, for example, the band is open to Europe (the classic daytime path), but is also open across night paths to Japan, the Pacific, Australia, and over the pole! Anytime you hear Australia on 15 (or 20) in the morning, long path is also open in the same direction. This is 15 Meters at its best, and these conditions will peak in May and continue into June. The day path to EU is slow to open in the morning, and often preceded by a long path opening to the same part of the world. In pileups, the east coast may have short path propagation when we don't, but an echoing long path signal from W5-land can really stand out. Sometimes you have to turn the beam a lot to see what direction signals are coming from. A severe echo on a signal is a good indication that you are beaming the wrong direction. Look for exotic African long path on 15 in the morning, and while your beam is pointed in that direction, check the same path on 20 for Africa and the Indian Ocean. Indonesian sigs in the early morning often come over the pole or via Europe. The variety of DX openings on 15 at this time of year is amazing. 20 is more predictable and very reliable. Propagation on 20 is across nighttime or greyline paths.

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