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Top Ten Devices is a two-man company formed in 1991 by N3RD and W2VJN.

Dave N3RD is President and handles order entry, advertising, customer support, manual writing, and web page maintenance. Dave was first licensed in 1963 at age 13, and by age 15 had discovered the joys of contesting at local Elmer Fritz W3NZ's QTH. He has been a Frankford Radio Club member since 1970, and does his serious contesting at the WE3C multi-operator station. A registered Professional Engineer, Dave is a retired project manager for a major international engineering and construction company.

George W2VJN is Chief Engineer, and also supervises the manufacture and testing of the products. George's credentials include Top of the Honor Roll, as well as top ten finishes in SS and DX contests in the '60s. He is a former designer of high reliability spacecraft equipment, and until he retired in 1994 worked on the nuclear fusion reactor at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Also a Frankford Radio Club member "forever," George relocated to Oregon upon retirement and now is enjoying running JAs on 80 meters and working gray line Asian DX like he never could from New Jersey!

Products from Top Ten Devices are built into aluminum boxes for RF protection. High quality FR4 printed circuit material with 2 oz copper is used for all assemblies. All boards are silk screened with component identification markings. RF switching devices have very low VSWR and are conservatively rated for maximum legal power. Other specifications are also conservative. Circuitry is designed for high reliability and long operating life. Our RF relay products are conservatively rated to handle full legal power in the USA (1500 watts) in CW and SSB up to 30 MHz and have been tested to that level.

Have a Product Idea? Top Ten Devices is interested in your ideas and suggestions. Drop us an e-mail message.

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Automatic Band Decoder Six Way Antenna Relay A/B Station Selector 
Op SwapperBand Reject Coaxial Stubs 
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