Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Murray Neece K5MDM - Silent Key, the web and email host for K5MDM for nearly a decade, is sad to report that Murray Neece passed away on July 21, 2009.

Below is the report we received from Charles KM5GJ:
With a heavy heart and respect for his family I announce that Jackson "Murray" Neece K5MDM became a silent key at 10:30 PM July 21, 2009 in his home town of Odessa Texas after an extended illness. His wife Karen was at his side in Regency Hospital when his Lord took him home. Murray was a fair and honest radio trader known to frequent this site and many HF nets. He was a major influence upon my hobby of amateur radio. You could buy from Murray at the "Radio Ranch" with confidence. So long my friend and God Bless!
- Charles KM5GJ
Some additional friends have posted messages about Murray in the Feedback Forum at:
Our sympathy goes out to Murray's wife, Karen, and the rest of Murray's extended family. We will really miss him. - Scott KA9FOX

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks to ALL for the good words, heres how I am Now

Not great but better! About thru the heart thing and just out of heart and lung rehab, still pretty weak. Have about 2-3 hours on my feet per day, but going to more heart rehab starting wed, and I wont be in hospital, thank goodness!! The found a little cancer accidentally but say it wont be too hard to deal with...I hope that is when Im strong enough, in a week or two will have to do some more hospital time probably....This old age is not that great, Golden Years my ass!!! It is taking all my gold to get thru these years, oh well! Feel good, back on 7.209 daytimes at 10:am and 2PM some, but the band is no good so cant hear much...Lost 100 lbs in last year, now Im getting it back as fast as I can....73 friends, still have 3 nearly new Icoms to sell, IC 746 Pro, IC 756 Pro III< and or IC 7000. Murray K5MDM

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks to all for well wishes.Heres the Deal.

I have a triple threat difficulty brought on by some poor doctoring, kidneys weak, heart hypertensive and lungs full or water/etc. I took me so far down that I will be a year in getting back to just where I felt bad. Right now its awful cause I cant go anywhere and I walk more that about 20 yds. Hard to breathe sometime to the point that it scares the heck outa me. So Im trying not to mess with radios much. I still have the mobiles amps and I have 756 PROIII that I cant decide on, may sell it, and I have a nice IC4KL Icom kilowatt plus auto amp, thats about to be re furbed by Bill Grassa, he is the greatest, and it will be updated to the max like mine is and I love mine....easy 12 to 1300 watts without hurting any thing... So thats the story. From time to time I will list some things I just couldnt refuse etc but Ill be home and cant really even pick up a big radio right now so gotta slow down...Mean while Ill be here talking on 7.209 in the daytime (10:00 on ususally and again at 2pm.) Stop by and say hi, if you want to special order something Ill still have great connections and will guarantee my stuff...If you need an Icom 756 Pro III or a good mobile amp, email me cell is on when I am awake or not it cardiopulmonay training at home..

73 and again thanks , Ill see you on the radio. Murray K5MDM 432 553 5621

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


You couldn't prove it by me but I'm sure someone would say so. I still listen on 7.209 around 10-12 every day but mostly only hear distant stations bleeding over, The Texas/New Mexico etc bunch thats usually there , sometimes is but I can rarely hear them. Bad time to have a band for me as I'm home so much right now with this Congestive Heart JUNK and slow Drs. but I have a new one. Should be faster, he knows why I signed up!! My hobby trading/buying/selling ham gear has picked up a little and it gives me something to do that I can do!! But fighting these band on the weekend swap nets is usually terrible too. Wish yall would show up on the 3.870 Friday night swap net at 7:00PM Central. Its been really slow, then we have two
on Sunday, one on 7.245 at 9:30AM and another on Sunday nite at 7PM (this is all central time BTW) on 3.922!!! Theres something Ill bet a lot of you didnt know if you are new to my blog/website. Its more like newsletter. And on the top left side is the click on to take you to my for sale/trade stuff...dont have much and gonna keep it pretty low this year as I dont know yet how quick I will heal when they decide what to do to my heart. But I will find you what you want at a fair price too, I may never be the cheapest, but Ill always be safe and no worries on deals. Despite what you might read once in a while from some guys I have "shot out of the sky" with their lyin' ways hihi. We have national qrm'ers, tune up'ers, and just plain asses that try to interfere with our radio fun. I say , if you know who they are, "the whistlers', "the speak in tongue'ers", the "tune upers" TURN EM IN to Riley Hollingsworth.
Politics is a subject thats heating up , but it really belongs on BLOGS not on the radio, my opinion. Though its hard not to bug "the other side" when you know how particularly radical some of the Democrats are. Some of my very best friends are Democrats, but I dont wanna live in Hillary or Baracks world....That scares the hell outa me. Come to think of it, I dont like any of the candidates...Maybe we should let the 'final 4' rule by committee and have 3 to 1 vote to "make it so"...dont tell me why that wont work, I really dont care....Im gone for now...hope yall will address this if you want to either thru posts to this particular blog or to my regular email address which is up there somewhere....73 Murray Neece K5MDM Odessa,Tx radioranch at qth dot com PICTURED is our famous "warm up announcer" for the Traders Nets,
N6GJR (nic) Carl who is most enjoyable to speak with. NIC? Not in California!!!

If you cant hear us on the radio, you list by sending me an email and you can usually hear it on the computer. Go to: : and follow instructions to bring up the Dallas reciever, it usually will hear us all,even though we cant hear each other

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jerry Jeff Walker used to say at THE SQUEEZE INN

Which was my bar by the real University of Texas, that "Theres more old drunks than there are old Drs. "Then Willie picked it up to... Probably quite true! And I have another quote, "Never Use Two Drs. for one purpose", one of em will be be covered up with patients, slow and inefficient and not particularly communicative with the other one. And that spells trouble my friend, with a capital T. My Dr.s have managed to screw up my kidneys while trying to get the water out of my system from Congestive heart failure. Ive looked at all the blood tests, they (my kidneys) were fine til this heart failure thing came along. Now we cant finish the heart failure testing (angiogram) cause my kidneys might not be able to handle the radioactive dye thats used in the test. So reverse the medicine and the heart starts getting flooded again and blah blah blah and damn them all!!! If I live thru this I promise Ill get one cardiologist (seems you need em after 65) that can do the whole show!! Prescribe the medicine and do the cuttin' if necessary. So Im still sittin home on pins and needles waiting for one or the other Dr. to say come in to see, lets see, hmmm, looks like 2 weeks (!#@!@) and we will re do your medicine (O'boy two more weeks with the wrong medicine, what part of me will die first?)
Ive had it with em but Im playing nice, both of thier nurse's reminded me that I was free to find another DR. though these two are into it 2 MONTHS now... Which really means they WANT me to find someone else cause Im to MEAN when I get scared and mad. They taught me that in the Army back in the 60's. you know what I mean... so thats the health report...Feel pretty good, but lookin at these blood tests and reading about em on the medical pages on the WEB...Im bout to be in trouble. and insurance companies hate to change horses in mid stream.
The ham radio bands are still bad, so Ive been talking to my computer...It worries my wife a little, but deep down she knows I'd do anything for her so she gets over it!! Thats all...73 Murray Neece K5MDM


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid Winter Lotsa "Downers" out there........

Like the stock market, and prices up on consumer goods , incomes down. Is this the big one? Gosh I hope not, at least til they cure this Congestive Heart Failure I dug up somewhere in the last three years....Glad Im not on SS yet. Wont be for a while cause Im keeping my company insurance, for now...Turn 65 on Feb 26 this year. Hope Im moving about by then...Little activity on the radio trading front and I wont start going to hamfests til march or april if I ready...could be doubtful.

The close of the Pro football season was awesome, and super bowl in a week and half should be good. I heard they were giving 13 points and NY... If thats so, someone call me , I want a piece of it hihi!!! Radio not good in trading or operating...Lots just sitting aside but its coming I hear. Health a tiny bit better now, I can walk at least 100 yards if there oxygen at the end of the walk hihi. Got some nice mobile amps if you need one and Im looking for a few late model radios including a 756 Pro III....Got some of my personal amps to trade to geta proIII or AL 80B and an AL 572...Need other radios as well...staying in and warm. Catch me from 10 am til 4pm if Im on , Ill be on 7.209....73 for now...Murray PS Email first. Im still very short of breath

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Howdy again folks, Im highly gratified by the coments Ive recieved from what I count as over 2000 trades etc over the past 6 or 7 years..So many people have dropped by to wish me well electronically, so I know Im who I though I was. Though this last illness has left me quite short of breath, and Ill be while getting back in good shape.. Lately Ive been talking a lot instead of trading a lot, and its been more fun!! Of course there are plenty of idiots on the air as well, but they are usually more fun! For instance, I heard a guy drift over from wherever, Uranus I'll bet, to our regular hang out and say how old guys that had been in radio a while couldnt operate and were to wide etc and blah Im 65, Im pretty sure the way I feel, Im old...but Ill be durned if I dont have one of the better cleaner signals on ham radio, maybe he's talking bout the 80 year olds but most of them are good too...So as you can see, theres a loudmouth idiot for every slot, including mine!!
My congestive Heart Failure is not doing great due to a bad cold and some flu just as I got out of the hospital, but Im crawling foreward and will be back to at least 98% they say....
Im pretty disappointed in a lot of hams who wont tell the truth rather than just vent the acid in thier stomach, but like someone said, nearly every is jealous of a well loved, significant Man...hihi.
No more preachin' today, you ass's that keep sending negative stuff, Im not gonna bother with ya but Gods gonna get ya for that!!! 73 Friends, kiss my ass enemies...See ya in the funny papers....Murray

Monday, January 14, 2008

I GOT THIS EMAIL This Morning..and my reply

Please comment if you want by email to both parties, my self at and this other guy at his address He is Ted Randel WB8PUM in TN. Looks like he's ashamed of his last name as you will see when/if you look him up. Anyway next is he Monday morning Email, and my reply, I INVITE YOU TO COMMENT TO BOTH OF US PLEASE..thanks Murray K5MDM

Heres what Ted Said.

Dear Murray Neece K5MDM,

You have received a response to your ad, titled "WTB...Late model Icoms.....:WTB", that you have running on the QTH.COM Free Ham Radio Classified Ads.

The response is from:

Name: Ted Randel
Callsign: WB8PUM

The response is:

I am so tired of dealers on this site. Buy low, sell high. Offer 40% of value.

I though this was set up for everyday hams to buy and sell from each other.

How many widow's you take advanage of last week?
Who are you going to screw this week?

"MY RADIO RANCH" Murray, I have heard several complaints about you.

I hope you can sleep at night. This post turned out not to be Ted at all but some guys in his Area that were hassling him..Ted turns out to be good guy. We got the url of the other guy so things might get interesting... SORRY TED MURRAY


HERE IS MY REPLY, not sweet, Ive never been accused of that!!!!

HI Ted, you really dont have a grasp of the situation, Youll not find
anyone who says I cheated them, no one (maybe a liar or two). They may
not have liked me because I held them to their word, but ask Scott
Neador, owner of the site that I have been with from the beginning if
he'd rather see me gone.(well it could go either way, he fears conflict. He knows that people get guaranteed radios and
money back if not correct from me. You may have heard/seen a fight or
two, because I burn em down when they lie, and they will still say they
didnt. My part is a service to hams, safe trading and buying, if Im 50
bux more its worth it. And you should see what your so called gud guy
hams send me and called it good. You can even ask Riley
Hollingsworth, he buys from me if I have something he wants. I dont
qualify as "dealer" you know. I dont make any money when its over and
done with, but I dont need the money! Used to, but not anymore..

I see that you are a big talker anyway(local talk radio, same as
me) and have been hihi,

You got nothin on me, I have had the licenses ,first phone etc since I
was12 years old ,(got first phone and KN5ABP) first Radio job in 1959
working for Elvis and Sam Phillips in West Memphis ,Arkansas.(KSUD now a
christian station I see) .So blow yourself, blowhard. WB8PUM Ted
Randel. Im gonna post your comments along with your email. Youll get
some of both comments that way. You can side up with the few that dont
like me and if yall all blow at once, it might go from 20 MPH standard
in Odessa, to 19 MPH...cause actually YOU SUCK!! CUL Ted, mind your
own business, Im just a retired ole guy who wont take crap from the
likes of you and "used" to love to buy and sell ham radios and go to
hamfests..and call swap nets in Texas... Murray Neece K5MDM...

God bless you anyway, we are all gonna need it.

PS: Ill be posting this at.... may receive
some comments...I hope they are sent to me as may not like
it, Im getting used to it...Murray What a waste of time.......??

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who Is Barack Obama

I did see a picture of Obama and he certainly didn't have his hand over his heart when our National Anthem played. He looked very disinterested. He sounds good, sometimes too good to be true, but then again all politicians tell us what we want to hear.

Who is Barack Obama?

Very interesting and something that should be considered in your

If you do not ever forward anything else, please forward this to all
your contacts...this is very scary to think of what lies ahead of us
here in our own United States...better heed this and pray about it and share it.

We checked this out on "". It is factual. Check for yourself.

Who is Barack Obama?

Probable U. S. presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama was born
in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM
from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white ATHEIST from
Wichita, Kansas.
Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii. When Obama was two
years old, his parents divorced. Hi s father returned to Kenya. His
mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from Indonesia.?
When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocate to Indonesia. Obama
attended a MUSLIM school in Jakarta. He also spent two years in a
Catholic school.

Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim. He is
quick to point out that, "He was once a Muslim, but that he also
attended Catholic school."

Obama's political handlers are attempting to make it appear that
that he is not a radical.

Obama's introduction to Islam came via his father, and that this
influence was temporary at best. In reality, the senior Obama returned
to Kenya soon after the divorce, and never again had any direct
influence over his son's education.

Lolo Soetoro, the second husband of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham,
introduced his stepson to Islam. Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school
in Jakarta.

Wahabism is the RADICAL teaching that is followed by the Muslim
terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world. Since
it t is politically expedient to be a CH RISTIAN when seeking major
public office in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has joined
the United Church of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim
background. ALSO, keep in mind that when he was sworn into office he
DID NOT use the Holy Bible, but instead the Koran.

Barack Hussein Obama will NOT recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor
will he show any reverence for our flag. While others place their hands
over their hearts, Obama turns his back to the flag and slouches.
Let us all remain alert concerning Obama's expected presidential

The Muslims have said they plan on destroying the US from the inside
out, what better way to start than at the highest level - through the
President of the United States, one of their own!!!!

Please forward to everyone you know. Would you want this man leading
our country?...... NOT ME!!!

And check out his church, United Church of Christ, everyone in the church among other things, pledges allegiance to AFRICA. NOT AMERICA.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Radios etc FS: as of Today Jan 6,2008..

Good day to you, just finished with the Sunday morning 7.245 Swap net. Band was long and changed in the middle. Imagine that!! I have resigned as a caller for now, due to heart condition, and am cutting the trading back to small time if at all.. Mostly if you want something tell me, and look here or on my QTH listings for what I might have today. I have great connections and buyers out there so given a little time I can get you a gauranteed good used unit of most any late stuff that commonly sells....No boatanchors or collectibles except by accident hihi! However, when I get well, say 6 mos to a year, I plan to go back to work at a steady job, partly for some play money and partly to keep me moving so this nasty condition doesnt come back.......... In my possesion today , I have for sale a Dentron AT3K tuner $325+, A Yaesu FT 1000mp with front end mod like new $1295+. , A Yaesu FT 920 with FM board $900+ , Lots of different types of solid state mobile amps , used and new, big and small, I have an older 746 Pro but just re done and updated, looks new...only 1095.oo, and I am going to sell my as new IC 756 Pro III and go back to my 746 Pro for basically economics....have a few other things, OH, I have a like new Alinco DR 605TQ in nice shape...$200 shipped Im using an Icom 7000 for that and station back up. This is probably more than I will normally stock, gonna cut it down some more.....May have to lay on the beach some where way south to cure my bad attitude, but Ill always have the cell phone....432 553 5621... 73 For now, Murray

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Heres from day before yesterday...was it zapped?

Well I dont know about the big guys, but my trading has been pretty good. Reluctantly, Im about to leave it for a while mostly because of bad rigs, and amps, sent as good and being CRAP!!! But also I have CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, NOT a fun thing and apparently I have had it for a while. It has gotten me down!! So I have sold out most of my gear and probably will only keep a couple of things around to sell or go to the was about to get past a hobby anyway, and I wanna talk on the radio some now. Ill keep up an Ill buy "on special order" for you, I do have the best sources!! And some of the worst but Im quittin' them. Its a shame what 1% bad apples can do to the other 99%. Which brings up another thing. I have retired for at least 6 months from calling the swap nets in Texas, but I'd like to say something to you QRMers' who send false code and speak in tongues , and all the other "toilet tricks" you guys do. For a while Ive had the technology to probably find out who you are thru printing pictures of your signals and then seeing them when you talk, your rig has a finger print and Im gonna play CSI USA Radio...what else.....Cant do a lot of things for a month or two, maybe more...they say 4-6 but Im not going that far without a trip to Central Texas for tower, radios, amps and good friends... I dont have any interesting new pix, but heres what my playroom looks like tonite...73 Murray

More Stuff, Quarmers, Cheaters and liars...AMF

I dont know what happened to the blog before this, has a lot of info in it, and I tried to replace it. Maybe you can see it and I cant cause I had one reply, can you see it? Below the picture of my station???? If not, too bad. Having a war with WW2NT , about a ragged amp he sent. Doesnt matter much, got a heart problem and Im gonna lay back for while..If you are regular, just call me and tell me what you want. I still have the best connections in the US but I dont intend to deal much with strangers any more...They are hardly worth it. No one in Texas is a stranger though, and very few from Oklahoma or the surrounding states....for one thing they are all close enough that I can send Fred out to see em if need be!!! Hi Hi... It will be quite a while before I can travel. Maybe see you at Belton. I still have a place on QTH to post my for sales etc. but have pulled my banner adds etc as I dont intend to stock much ,..I presume I can put anything I want on this blog, so this is where you should look. I have a nice FT 920 for sale and that is all at the moment...I may sell my PRO III but its sooooo nice and easy to use. If you want a like new one you might talk to me... You can see it in the picture below...looks new..thats all for today but lots more coming...73 Murray

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hows the Radio Biz? Has is gotten Better or Worse !!???

Well I dont know about the big guys, but my trading has been pretty good. Reluctantly, Im about to leave it for a while mostly because of bad rigs, and amps, sent as good and being CRAP!!! But also I have CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, NOT a fun thing and apparently I have had it for a while. It has gotten me down!! So I have sold out most of my gear and probably will only keep a couple of things around to sell or go to the was about to get past a hobby anyway, and I wanna talk on the radio some now. Ill keep up an Ill buy "on special order" for you, I do have the best sources!! And some of the worst but Im quittin' them. Its a shame what 1% bad apples can do to the other 99%.
Which brings up another thing. I have retired for at least 6 months from calling the swap nets in Texas, but I'd like to say something to you QRMers' who send false code and speak in tongues , and all the other "toilet tricks" you guys do. For a while Ive had the technology to probably find out who you are thru printing pictures of your signals and then seeing them when you talk, your rig has a finger print and Im gonna play CSI USA Radio...what else.....Cant do a lot of things for a month or two, maybe more...they say 4-6 but Im not going that far without a trip to Central Texas for tower, radios, amps and good friends... I dont have any interesting new pix, but heres what my playroom looks like tonite...73 Murray

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going on Vacation-But Mike will be here!

Thats right, leaving tomorrow 11-15 for Tulsa and then back to Austin around thanks giving. You can get me on the cell phone 432 553 5621 or 7.209 most of the day some days. hihi....
Ill have a ham friend living here while I m gone to take care of my kitties and other stuff that may come long. So you can ship anything you want this way. Will buy from the cell phone for now , probably wont try to do much selling, but if you want something I have we can probably get it out!
Have a happy Thanksgiving and CU soon. 73 Murray K5MDM PS I will be checking my email, but not all day like usual. Probably morning and nite. Other wise the cell phone is it..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well these last pictures are a 4 pill worthmore, I bought of a Pakistani right off the boat. Had to fix it up some and get the JIHAD graffiti off of it, but now its nice and it can be yours...Imagine 6 or 700 watts from your mobile. Anyway its used so I can sell it. bout a dollar a watt will do it and finals are new...Or you can use it at home with 90 or 100 amp P/S.
Did fair at Belton and had a wonderful time seeing all the guys. Its basically been a sad year in many respects but we all keep going on. So many people died around me this this, I went off and ate worms for a few months but Im back I think. Now if they can just cure me. Lotsa new radios from Yaesu, but they sure to come back on the used market fast... Some of you old and young bums are gonna have to sit down and read the book!!! The new radios just wont work with out it.
Had a great Dove hunting season and Quail look fabulous on my lease. If I can just get enough strenght back to chase em...I will all you well, got some sick friends out there that need your prayers and you need your prayers too! Its a funny time in America and the world. Holler if you dont see what you want on my website. Ihave lots coming and going...thanks 73 for now...Murray K5MDM PS: Wash your hands! Get your flu shot! Mind your manners!!!

New Radios by Yaesu, why so many already for sale?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BUY this Amp at Belton two 3-500s , 1850watt out!!

And I will be bringing what I have. One thing that it will include is this rebuilt (again) PT 2500, only now even if you are "slow" you can operate it pretty well. Still gets 1850 watts easy into my dummy load and its been redone to simplify and make it easier to use. So far Ive sold it twice and bought it back both times. This time you wont hurt it hihi!! (and if you do tough!) Also lots of mid priced radios and mobile amps. This may be my last Belton for a while as I have gone back to some of my old hobbies, singing, drinkin', smokin' and womanizing. (my wife says thats a laugh) But I asked my doctor if I would live longer if I stayed clean and he said "Nope, it will just seem like it!"
Been a tough summer for the trader and swapper in me, too many lyin', idiots out there just trying to take you for a ride. Too bad, but Me and Phred are gonna clean up some of em here pretty quick after his PHRED O8' Campaign gets rolling. Now theres this other Fred running but he has hired us "protege's and body guards" and promises to let Phred run the Military if he gets elected casue who wants that hot potato anyway, right?
Meanwhile if you dont see something you need or want in my for sale stuff, just send me a thousand bux and Ill send you what youre gonnna need anyway....Lots of ammo and a few rifles if these pesky democrats get going. I hope they can fight like they can "yammer" cause all thier talking aint gonna stop ACHMED from comin to town and he's got those IUD's and stuff. Had my Toyota fited for a V hull today and at 75 MPH it will skip right across Lake Odessa, and come up on the other side, pretty slick except for the part where I cut the Park rangers boat in two....Im ready for those I U D's though. See yall at Belton if not before. Dont forget to send money to the Phred O8 campaign, he hasnt paid me in months so we need it bad...73 Murray

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred 08 and Phred 08

I'm one of tens of thousands of Americans supporting Sen. Fred Thompson for Presidentand PHRED SB his alter ego. I'd like you to join with me and Fred and all our friends in changing the political landscape in 2008. Senator Thompson has entered the Presidential race, and to show my support I signed on as a "Friend of Fred Thompson." I'm writing to ask you to consider doing the same.
> Senator Thompson has been a prosecutor, a Senator, and yes, he's had a couple of movie roles. More importantly, he's exactly what we need right now - a consistent conservative who can unite our nation and help lead us in fixing our problems, not exploiting them for political purposes.
> He's plain-spoken and means what he says. On the immigration bill, for example, Fred calls it like he sees it: "No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it's not going to win any beauty contests. We should scrap this "comprehensive" immigration bill until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders -- or at least made great headway."
> On folks in Washington who want to raise our taxes: "They only want to target the rich. They're off target again, just like they were with the alternative minimum tax. Remember, that was supposed to just target the rich. A word of advice to anyone in the middle class - don't stand anywhere near that target."
> On leadership: "We're going to have to be more focused, we're going to have to be smarter and we're going to have to be more determined and we're going to have to be more together as a nation than we've ever been before."
> Fred is going to do things differently. He wants to focus on returning to our founding principles of self-governance, free markets and the rule of law. Those are ideas we're all invested in - focused on building a stronger, more competitive and innovative America that remains a beacon for the world today and for the next generation.
> I'm supporting Fred Thompson for President and I hope you will too. Visit to sign up. Thanks for your interest. I hope you'll join me and support Fred Thompson for President.
> Sincerely,
> Murray Neece
> You can become a Friend of Fred by going to and clicking on Sign Up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heres that IC 761, I have a 4KL for it too!!

Heres that IC 761, I missed getting the picture on. Pretty durn nice and boy do they work well. With the 4KL 1kw amp it is an awesome machine. ( I use a clearspeech base on it too for dsp noise reduction and to have an auto notch, btw, its being made again and RIGHT..look it up) anyway its all for sale. Didnt intend to sell the 4KL and may not......if I catch up before someone buys it, its staying here. Still terrible bands and the nets we call are tough to do. Then there are all the assholes who tune up and quarm on purpose. I cant figure that out, but there are some real sick ones out there, not just newcomers either, some oldies too.
Still we have a great time, may daytime bunch on 7209 is there a lot, and sometimes we really get it going. If you dont know about any particular radio, just come ask us, between us we have had everything under 5 thousand bux... I still love the 746 Pro best , for the used or new money, its just unbeatable. And I still KNOW thay my CCD antenna out does any other 40 meter wire in the same category, with the top only at 40 feet. Wish I could get an 80 meter up but they are a wave length long....and I live in suburban Odessa (with the poor folks on the little lots with 15 feet max between em.)....Well Cu at Belton if I dont make Paris Tx, it sounds like a good one this year, and story goes a candidate for PRESIDENT will be there to address us...
thats pretty cool... CUL 73 Murray

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NOW its really summer, you really need a mobile amp!!!

And I can help you with that if you want..Just let me know. Bands are bad with a few exceptions, radio is slow, and money is slower!! But dont panic, the liberal media is filling us full of CRAP as usual. Enough of that, radio is what Im talking...I ve got lots of mobile amps and need some radios...late stuff. Several hamfests coming soon. Right now I dont have enough to bother going to one but should by Belton if not before. Paris Texas Hamfest is looking good, may be a sleeper , they say its getting big. Gonna try to go there so I can bum something off PHRED KM5SB...... HE says each American drinks 20 gallons of beer a year and walks 900 miles so we are getting 41 MPG!!! We calculate his however, and it was more like 9MPG...hmmmm. Dont know what the real deal is on when the bands will start to get noticeably better but Im ready for it. My group has moved all over 4 0 meters to try to stay in the clear, and it changes so fast you just cant know. Well, I dont have everything over on the pages so if you need something Big and nice email me.
I dont keep parts or filters however, so save me from that please 73 for now. Lets go fishin'
Murray K5MDM

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some more used mobiles and base amps...

You might wanna email me if you need 350-400 watts mobile of 650-750 watts mobile. Picked up some new things over that last few weeks...NEED TO BUY HF RIGS, of course I buy for resale and pay quick wholesale money...Check me out..thanks Murray Neece, K5MDM , 432 553 5621 home 432 9051...M

Monday, August 06, 2007

August 2007 , Austin Hamfest and more...

Just back from Austin, seeing family and friends and went to the VHF/UHF hamfest which was definitely better than in the past. Nicer room etc. though very little action in tailgate area I thought. Still was a nice event and nicer people(except for theres always that one guy but thats another story.) Austin looks like a rain forest. Very green and muggy! Course even Odessa, looks pretty good too!! Now waiting for Belton hamfest , dont know where else Ill go..Have some nice radios but trying to buy more, if you have something for sale, later model rigs, let me know and give me your bottom dollar, Im a wholesale buy, remember? Thanks 73 Murray

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summertime BLUES !!

FIRST <> anybody got anything to say about the new Yaesu FT 450...cant figure out the market yet, and what size is it really, like a 706 or bigger? Hey, reply to my regular email please Radioranch@ . I dont always see the replys to this blog, I hardly know how to work it...Mr. Big say bye bye.......................................................

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Howdy from Odessa....Hows your flood or drought?

Well its been so long since I pontificated that I had to get on here while I was in the mood. Went to Dayton , the the world crumbled then went to Ham Comm, with few funerals in between...Its basically been pretty sad around here for a while but we are picking up the pieces and, Ive just been taking it easy, sold out at Ham Com and right after, and havent bot much. The internet is just to full of liars, and the Hamfesters will look ya' in the Eye and do the same. So Im layin back,and its better. Probably go back to work and just piddle with radio.....every baby boomer that retired in the last two years watches the internet like a hawk and so no trade difference left and price is actually UP on some of the better used gear. There are several reasons for that though, including more hams I suspect.
Interesting and GREAT, the ClearSpeech speaker is out again in its original for with some "real" improvements instead of just talk. GET ONE> it is the American Express of mobile radio, and not bad on base either....Its even a little better than the original with some variation available on the agressiveness. And the size is right for mobile. I guess they will do a base unit too soon. West Mountain Radio is the distributor, dont know how they will sell them exactly but you can get one from them, and probably other stores too. Not much else, Ill find something for you if you want it but Im not gonna stock much for a while, just a few Icoms probably so Ill have enough toys...... Did you get a new I phone? Send it to me, I wanna try one....73 Murray

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ham Com In Plano--9 hours from Odessa, Tx

But worth it, I did quite well and as a hamfest, its a good one. Still some things to work out but great in the sense of there was plenty for everyone. Great and varied programs, Plenty of good used and new gear, of which yours truly as usual had the a large portion.
I didnt buy anything but a "Screaming Flyin' Monkey", Ive named him Carl and I had more fun with the both monkey's than Ive had in a while.. Buying was pretty fair on Friday, and really got moving Saturday...speaking for myself. I noticed the outside tailgate was pretty loaded up Friday, but by saturday a healthy portion were sold out and gone! Thats good!! It makes an awfully long trip from West Texas, heavy on the
awful, how do you people live there in that traffic? Im too old for it which I sadly proved on the way home, when the guy in front of me took off real fast and then jammed on his brakes..guess what. Toyota (mine) met Honda (his) and Honda looks like it backed into a pole at 40MPH. No damage to Toyota but my first accident in 40 years and hurt my feelings. There is literally NO damage but a small scrape you cant see on my bumper, and the Honda will need a new bumper , a new trunk, and a lot of work along the bottom of it to get the new truck to fit...
Still plenty of radios left and I will get them on the web site and I slowly catch up. Im still worn out!!...Ill let you know as I get the new stuff in. I have most Icoms right now, and a few other things..Several nice mobile amps including a like new
ALS 500M Ameritron AND a Skywalker that does 700 plus mobile watts...CU in the near future I hope. 73 Murray PS Heres a picture of my new screamin flyin monkey!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Im Home Now...From Dayton Etc.

Been a tough few weeks but Ill be getting everything back on my web site as soon as I can...
Dayton Was Goood!! Ham Com is only a week off, hope I get to come, they still havent figured out that 45 is not enough tables for traders....OUTSIDE? NO WAY, too durn hot !! Hope to see you there. More later. 73 Murray

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Still Not Home-Very Sad

Im still not back from Dayton, due to death in the family, my brother in law Larry, AND THEN ANOTHER. I will be home for sure by Thursday, hopefully. Tell you more when I get there.
Sadly my relatively new but well loved friend Mike , WA5MTT, has lost his wife Julie.
It was a crushing blow to myself and of course all his and her family. Our prayers for strength are with you Mike. Its already been a very hard year for many. I blame it on the strife in our country and the media. Not to mention the TOXICITY that our "Greatest Generation" has left us with.......Politicians and the media are killling me too! 73 Murray

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Belton Hamfest-April 2007-GREAT!!

Well, the weather was iffy, but all it all worked out fine for the inside people....I guess the outside was miserable from about 9PM Friday till you left or came inside!!! Good action on the floor, with radios and parts leaving at a steady pace. Mixed sales between upper middle to middle priced and few low end too, though I didnt have any really inexpensive radios...Id prefer to miss a few sales and not have to sell the low end, I know the new guys cant work on em, so they could end up being quite expensive in my opinion. Fun , fun , fun, though and lots of regulars along with new and different groups from much further away than usual and we were glad to see em. Betty, W5PUP took lots of pictures and Im going to include some. If you need explanations just ask me.
Next up is Ham Com, I liked it last year but some didnt. AND, this year will tell us I guess, if its up, its in, if its not, it will be because of location and space for traders and regular guys buyin and sellin'...we will have to see! I had a good time and a good show, many of you will remember the beautiful blond lady at my tables, she's fighting a very serious battle with cancer this year. PRAY HARD for Julie. Shes a ham and a great asset to the whole world. 73 for now Murray

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have you noticed? CLAREMORE HAMFEST

The price keeps going up and of course EBAY gets insane on Ham Gear. Plus no gaurantee. Its making things work well for me. TO YOU NEW GUYS, looking for that 3-400 radio...PLEASE Dont...most of the time youll just waste money. If thats really all you can do, then do it, but be careful, learn a lot about the seller. Need help, drop me a line!
Claremore was once again a great hamfest, lots of people and lots of "stuff". Didnt see many nice radios go out but lots of small goods and other items...wire, plugs , tubes were all in excess!!!
You could get ANYTHING you wanted there, I "heard" that two ICOM 7800s sold. I had a passle of nice radios but sold only tuners and small good...guess Im gonna stay home and use the internet. It works better for me!! Not near the fun though . Saw lots of folks at Claremore and had a great time. I will show a few pictures and you tell me who / what they are... Spring is here,hope it doesnt get too wild. Lots of GREAT radios for sale on my site right now...TAKE a look! 73 Murray


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Midland Hamfest and other stuff today 3-11-07

Ahh, the Midland hamfest...Pretty good this year with lots of people and some pretty good stuff!!
Always good coffee and good eats too. About 100 table full of this and that. Sad to say, no modern radio buyers though there was one big amp gone from my trailer when I left, and it made me and the trailer happy!! You folks that have quit coming and are still alive are making a mistake, its still a great one!!!
Lots of new and old friends there, theres a picture here of a couple of out of towners that come pretty regularly, do you know Johnny and Jackie? Bet youve heard em on the air. The Odessa Club announced a tailgate on May 18th...that should be fun and usually we have gourmet cook on hand with a nice grill!! We shall see!
Every week, I find another reason to quit going to hamfests and maybe quit buying and selling too. Sure get called a lotta names for trying to help sometimes. And some folks act like the word "DEALER" is like the word CROOK, met a real AH in Ohio today that felt like that, N8PQB, Tom. Course after reading up on him, he doesnt like anyone hihi!! But Id be carefull of him if I were you. He says he doesnt like QTH.Com, Eham , or QRZ. Has a private site for just "some great guys"...probably rec. cb.swap !! Anyway I guess ratio of AH's is low enough but its gettin' higher. And you know me, I call em like I see em...if I see em wrong, I look again!! 73 to all , CU at TULSA/Claremore next week... Murray K5MDM 432 553 5621

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Still the same old Butch ....aka Charles Brown, Cape Coral , Florida......BEWARE, BEWARE, he's a liar and a cheat. Check him under his old call KE4OUF and now he's KE4"CB" which is exactly where he belongs at best, no , on second thought, those guys are much better... HEY BUTCH>>
Get out!! Im not gonna let you play!! Watch and SEE you sleaze ball!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Was It Cold at Smithville??? wasnt hot!! But the trading and swapping was. Pretty much action for a cold day in.....Bastrop County. Had fun and saw lots of folks. Present were representatives of many Texas Groups, the 7213 bunch with Photos courtesy of Don Janota, and many great friends. Thats what makes hamfests special. Sadly one of the friendliest was gone, Dr. Joe Juliano was released from his diabetes HELL just a while back, we will miss him but continue to celebrate his life.
The temperature was deplorable for us old guys, but we heard rumors of heat, and maybe a move to later in the year to help weather conditions too. All in all it was great to see people from ALL OVER TEXAS and probably a few other spots. If you bought anything from me, the warranty is now over!! hihi...Next BIG DEAL is Midland Texas. If you have never been, youre missing a good ole bigun!!Hope to see you there and if not there then the Next weekend at Claremore OK, for the Tulsa Fest. GREAT fest and great place too!! 73 adios, Call me if you need something, my website sales part is way behind, but I have lots of mobile and base amps and radios..drop me an email. Murray