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Managing Interstation Interference by George Cutsogeorge W2VJN Managing Interstation Interference
Coaxial Stubs and Filters

by George Cutsogeorge, W2VJN

Written by George, W2VJN, this book covers how to evaluate interference problems and how to solve them. The material is especially of interest for anyone that runs more than one transmitter in his station. Contesters using SO2R, M/S, M/2 or M/M will find valuable information in this book.

Many practical examples of isolation obtainable between towers and between antennas on the same tower are given. There is in depth coverage of coaxial stubs. How to make them, how to use them, what kind of performance to expect and the various types to use. Much of this material has never been published before in the amateur magazines.

Early Reviews:
ON4UN says:
"George covers every imaginable
aspect of the interference
problem in this book..."
N3BB says:
"This is important material for
any amateur radio operator and absolutely
essential for contesters with
multi-radio stations."

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