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  • Steve K9HY on 2012-Jan-25 08:46:06 Steve K9HY said

    Awesome! Only, way I'd own something like or near that would have to hit the Big Powerball Lotto-Hi! Definitely, I'd have to move out in the stix because of all these crazy do gooders HOA's, covenants, et cetera.

    InI Illinois. I'd never get any ,any sleep with fear of Tornadoes about or ice storms. That must have been something to plan alone with logistics similar to and big AM broadcast tower project. But they only have one main antenna-Hi!

    When I think of the Big Bertha's I use to hear about when I was very young and I'd listen to my elmers (OT'S now SK) tell old antenna stories they'd mention the" Big" Telrex Antennas mounted up on them too. Be neat to see that company come back-Paradigm!

    I don't think you'll have any,any problems working DX -Hi! Figure you'll be contestor stn. too or pilot stn.<?> FB!

    Big 73's and Gud Luk out there with tha very impressive system.
    Gud DX'ing, contesting,
    "Steve" K9HY