K4ZA replacing broken refelctor @125 ft. W2GD helps w/alignment. Next stop, the topmost Yagi...K7ZV picture.


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  • Paul Bittner on 2018-Feb-26 10:57:45 Paul Bittner said

    I wish I could ride the crane cable. Wisconsin strictly forbids that. My 90 foot Rhombic poles with screw in steps not as safe as riding the crane but I have to do that!

    I have the Optibeam 3 L 75/80 greatly beefed up (see qrz.w0aih) or youtube n9qip for drone video's

    I'd like to build one of your 80 M beams - have a lot of alu. tube! Put "your beam" on a Pirod 200 foot tower and see how it would play against the existing beam at 140 feet.

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