Yes, there IS gold at the end of the rainbow!!


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  • Doug Johnson, w9iix on 2013-Dec-04 16:41:58 Doug Johnson, w9iix said

    Great job on your picture gallery, but I would expect it with your ability at the computer. Jealous of your installation, the city lot here wont allow any more aluminum than I have already, if I just could get it up another 50 ft (60ft crankup)...73 Scott, have a nice christmas season, ..Doug, W9iix
  • Greg Mitchell-- W2MYA on 2015-May-15 09:32:27 Greg Mitchell-- W2MYA said

    Foxy,that photo is really sharp!!!! Ur antenna installation is something to drool over too,terrific set up.It certainly is nice to have sum real
    estate! Guess ur on ur way to Dayton if not there already! Think u stay wid Paul...Hv fun es don't stack too mni beer cans on sumones
    head!! Hi-Hi Vy 73, Greg-W2MYA (The former NJDXA Suite) @ Stouffers
  • Michael Buck K6BUK on 2016-Feb-02 04:33:25 Michael Buck K6BUK said

    Given the color of aluminum, I would call it "Yes, there is silver at the end of a rainbow!" And maybe add that silver is the new gold.